How To Keep Your Auto AC Working Properly

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How To Keep Your Auto AC Working Properly

There's nothing quite as annoying as turning on your air conditioning in your car to discover it is not cooling properly. This is especially true if you wait until the hottest time of the year to begin using your AC. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your auto air conditioning working as it should. By following these steps your auto AC should keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Getting Your Fan Belt Checked

Before those hot days of spring and summer arrive, be sure to have the fan belt in your car checked out. This will help ensure it is in good working condition and should have no issues keeping your AC running as it should. The fan belt also powers the water pump, the power steering pump, and the alternator, so having it checked and replaced if needed is beneficial to your car in multiple ways.

Having Your Radiator Flushed

The radiator of your car should be flushed with special cleaning chemicals at least every two years. This prevents any dirt or debris from flowing to the motor and making the radiator hoses become clogged. Be sure to have the radiator filled with coolant as well. 

Getting the AC Condenser Checked

It is also important to have you air conditioning condenser checked to keep your AC working properly. Debris can also accumulate in the condenser and this limits the proper amount of air flow across the air conditioning unit which can affect how well it cools your car. Keeping the condenser clean alleviates this problem.

Using Your Air Conditioning

Even before hot weather sets in, it is important to turn your auto AC on every now and then. This helps get rid of any mildew, dust buildup, or staleness that may be in your system. Turn on the AC and let it run for about 10 minutes a few times before you start using it on a daily basis. This also helps the refrigerant circulate the lubricating oil in the system so that the seals and other parts of the system are properly lubricated.

It is also very important to remember to always turn your auto AC off before cutting your engine off. This helps extend the life of your battery because it does not have to work as hard the next time you start your car. The life span of the battery may be reduced substantially if it always has to turn on the AC every time you turn the key to start the engine.

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